rocesses / Methodology

Gilmore Insurance & Financial Services is dedicated to providing you with expert, professional and impartial advice. We achieve this by adhering to a 3 step process.

Step 1 – Initial Advice

  • Analysis of current financial situation
  • Review of existing arrangements and policies
  • Investment Portfolio performance analysis
  • Tax planning assessment
  • Financial goals and objectives
  • Attitude to risk profiling
  • Personalised Plan

Step 2 – Implementation Service

  • Proposal completion and confirmation
  • Application administration and submission
  • Application updates
  • Professional liaison
  • Professional referral

Step 3 – On-going Service

  • Annual review
  • Portfolio management and monitoring
  • Quarterly client newsletter (providing updates on relevant financial developments)
  • Seminar programme
  • Tax & budget updates


Through the use of this 3 step process, Gilmore Insurance & Financial Services helps you to;

  • Obtain a clear picture of your current financial situation
  • Clarify your vision and secure your financial future
  • Develop a roadmap of how to achieve your vision


Gilmore Insurance & Financial Services act as navigator to keep you on course along the way.


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