Irish Tax - Who pays what?

With Budget 2020 just around the corner I thought it may be interesting (in a nerdy way) to see who pays what in our tax system. With that in mind I recently read the Irish Tax Institute Pre-Budget Briefing. Below are what I found to be interesting and salient points.

Retirement Planning; Back To Basics

As the economy begins a slow recovery from recession, it is an appropriate time to take stock of your current financial plan and ask what it is designed to achieve and more importantly, is it fit for purpose?

Tax and a Changing Society

Societal changes happen over time. The Irish family has changed and is continuing to change and the Government believes the law needs to reflect this. This is why in a few weeks there is to be a referendum on same sex marriage. What has not kept pace with changing family dynamics is tax legislation, and failure to be aware of this could prove expensive.

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