ho are our typical clients?

We engage with a range of clients, though the majority of clients are self-employed persons and owner / directors of small and medium sized enterprises. Clients' circumstances and motivation for seeking our services vary. Generally they are seeking some help in sorting out their financial affairs and may fall into one of the following categories:

  • people planning for their retirement with a need to understand their prospects and what they can do to improve them
  • busy, successful people whose spare time is limited and who do not want to spend it sorting out their financial affairs
  • company owners looking to extract wealth from their business in a tax efficient manner
  • business owners who need to ensure that the value of their business is protected against death, illness or injury of key people
  • those facing financial decisions and seeking assistance in making those decisions by gaining some insight into the possible future consequences.
  • Individuals looking to pass on accumulated wealth to the next generation in as tax efficient manner as possible


Typically, they would be individuals, or companies which:

  • have either total investable assets of €200,000 or more, or family income in excess of €100,000 pa and serious desire to build their assets
  • wants to simplify and bring order to their financial lives
  • is looking for an adviser they can trust, who will sort out their financial affairs and help them focus on their goals
  • value honesty, integrity and straight talking

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