Don't Forget to Use Your Voucher - €500 tax free

Given the existing high tax environment with some employees facing a marginal tax rate up to 52%, it is important that whenever possible advantage is taken of tax free remuneration.....

President Trump - What Next for Markets?

Once again the pollsters and media have been proved wrong in 2016, which is turning out to be a year of geo-political surprises. Not only does Trump control the White House, but Republicans also control the Senate and Congress, making it easier for him to pass legislation.

Brexit - Immediate Market Reaction

Unexpectedly the British electorate have voted in favour of leaving the EU. I thought in the light of this it might be helpful to outline the market reaction and what may be likely outcomes over the longer term.

Budget 2016 - Main Points

The main points of Budget 2016 and how it will affect your finances.

Retirement Planning; Back To Basics

As the economy begins a slow recovery from recession, it is an appropriate time to take stock of your current financial plan and ask what it is designed to achieve and more importantly, is it fit for purpose?

Tax and a Changing Society

Societal changes happen over time. The Irish family has changed and is continuing to change and the Government believes the law needs to reflect this. This is why in a few weeks there is to be a referendum on same sex marriage. What has not kept pace with changing family dynamics is tax legislation, and failure to be aware of this could prove expensive.

What is Enduring Power of Attorney and Should I Make One?

Following on from my recent post ‘Why is it Important to Make a Will’ I thought a post that serves to highlight financial problems that can arise in cases of incapacitation or severe ill health would be helpful and the logical next step.

The Importance of Making a Will

Many clients of mine have not made a Will, despite they appreciate that they really should. The purpose of this blog is to provide a brief outline of why one should make a Will, what happens if a Will is not made, and to highlight some other considerations when considering estate planning. It is not intended to be complete, and you should ensure you enlist professional estate planning advice, particular to your own situation.

The Value of Expert, Professional & Impartial Financial Advice

Some question the value and cost of financial advice available and the role that financial advisers play in people's lives. However time and again, independent studies and research have illustrated the positive effects that expert, professional and impartial advice can play in helping people to achieve financial and life goals. See below for the results of such studies.

Investor News Quarter 1 2015 - 6 Common Mistakes Investors Make

Given the likelihood of increased volatility in 2015 due to ending of QE in US, possibility of higher interest rates in UK and US, higher equity valuations, dramatically falling oil prices, and geo-political tensions, I thought it useful to remind valued clients of 6 Common Mistakes Investors Make.

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